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  • WHY: within one minute you can lower the level of stresshomones in the saliva 2 times more than if you scream without a screaming pillow
  • Consideration: You do not scare anyone or your own cells when you scream into a pillow.
  • Effect : releases stress, anger and frustration
  • Where can you use it? : Everywhere
  • What do you need : A soundproof item – we use a screaming pillow filled with Kapok Click here for an explanation of Kapok

Most people experience situations where you are spilling over or woeven worse ready to explode. We say something we later regret. We need a way to realese pent up emotion.

Mostly people close to us are in harms way, freinds, co-workers and family.

Not only do we hurt other people, We regret our behaviour and actions.

This is where the screaming pillow come in handy.

Most grownup people will consider screaming in a pillow ridiculous, I know I did. Younger children are often more open to try it out.

Would screaming in a pillow be something different than what you usually do? If you do not have a pillow with kapok filling then use a pillow with feathers. Avoid down and plastic, it does NOT apsorb the sound well enough.


Scream up to 16 times a day, the sream will get you in touch with personal power and let out steam.


  1. FEEL how you feel? 0 not good – 10 fantastic
  2. Fill you body with air
  3. Hold the screaming pillow tight over your mouth
  4. Scream you deepest primal scream – learn to relax in the throat while you scream
  5. Empty your lungs completely while you keep screaming – relax all muscels around the neck
  6. How are you feeling now? I s there any change? 0 not good – 10 fantastic


Situations where sreaming can be usefull – if you use a screaming pillow:

  • Your parents are unfair
  • You are back from a bad day at work
  • Your partner is annoying
  • Your child has gotten a piercing
  • Your computer die and there is no backup
  • Your internet is down
  • Your printer is not working and you have a deadline
  • Traffic jam
  • Clients
  • Cancelled travelplans