17:00 — 21:00
Heilesen & Mygind – Hellerup
Hellerupvej 10, baghuset 2.sal

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Learn to read CT-scans from a META-Heatlh perspective

Dr. Anton Bader will come and teach us in English.
Dr. Bader is medical do$ctor in Germany and have expertise in metamedical understanding of CT scans.

If you bring your own CT-scan, please follow These guidelines.

For a CCT you need:
  • No contrast medication.
  • The levels has to be parallel to skull base.
  • The number-levels should be between 35-60.
Date: 20/2 – 2018 at 17-21 and 21-23/2 – 2018 at 10-18
Price: DKK 3.995,00
Prerequisite is: Minimum 10 days of META-Health or Metamedicine training. If you have not trained with Heilesen & Mygind please send in your certificates.
Sign up: Write your adress and phonenumber to kontor@mygind.dk
Questions: Lars@mygind.dk mobile +45  40 32 73 86